• This Is What Happens When You Wear Semen-Scented Perfume

    Secretions Magnifique is a synthetic concoction that's supposed to smell like a combination of semen, blood, and breast milk. It's $88 and not even the celebrities who shop at perfume boutiques really want it. I wore it for five days and stopped...

  • This Guy Makes Life-Size Child Dolls Wearing Lingerie

    Before you berate me for immediately assuming these dolls are for pedophiles, consider that there is no male counterpart, they wear lingerie, and just look at the pictures. Also, most of the customers are adult men. Weird, huh?

  • What Did You Eat During the Super Bowl?

    There is an irony to watching the world's best athletes kill each other in mortal combat, while gorging on "snacks" and other things that probably shouldn't pass as food. With that in mind, what gross shit did you eat during the Super Bowl?

  • Have You Ever Pooped Your Pants?

    Who hasn't pooped their pants or at least squeezed out a shart or two on the long road of life. Pooping yourself is kind of like losing your virginity or going to war, people who haven't done it just can't relate. We asked some New Yorkers about their...

  • Some People Made a Breastfeeding Baby Toy

    To discover why anyone would make a toy that allows children to mock-lactate, I called up Berjuan Toys, the makers of the Breastmilk Baby, and talked to an anonymous spokesman. Turns out they think we're the creepy ones.

  • What's the Most Disturbing Thing You've Seen Online?

    We've all been subjected to certain sects of vomit-worthy internet fodder depending on what kind of friends we have and how willing they are to show us the kind of stuff they stumble across while trawling the depths of the web, but who's seen what? Is...