• True Tales: Scott Walker goes to Hell

    The bathroom is down the hall to the left.

  • Is There a Hell?

    The idea of heaven—that you’ll be rewarded for good behavior by playing a harp in the clouds—is pretty silly, but hell seems much more likely to exist. If there is a God, based on his behavior in the past he’s probably more concerned with punishing us...

  • Humanity Is a Hieronymus Bosch Painting

    The pressing question remains, has it always been this way or is there something unique about the contemporary world that seems to be bringing out the worst in everybody? Or does the internet merely magnify the most appalling aspects of humanity, and...

  • Interview with a Casino Priest

    A casino is a place to lose money and time and wear a bad shirt (or take acid and go to a Lauryn Hill concert). What it isn’t is a place for a priest. So when I found out that Melbourne’s Crown Casino employs a full-time priest I said shit off. But...

  • Boyle's Brains - Methods of Escaping Eight New Levels of Hell

    These new levels of Hell are largely self-inflicted, and all stem from being out of Adderall. The cure for escaping "Out of Adderall Hell," incidentally, is writing about being out of Adderall.

  • What's the Worst Vacation You've Ever Been On?

    These people have had some pretty awful vacay experiences.

  • Vice Comics

    So, You Want to be An Artist?

  • Mogadishu Massive

    The third world's taste in music sucks dick. They still love Michael Jackson. In fact, the most far-out they'll go is Janet Jackson.