• There's More to Stuart Franklin Than the Most Famous Photo of the 20th Century

    Stuart Franklin is probably best known for his photo of an average-looking man with some groceries defying a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square. He also talked about art school's effect on his work, the difference between approach and style, what "news...

  • Talking About Life with Ghostface Killah

    Ghostface's latest album, '12 Reasons to Die' (co-created by composer and producer Adrian Younge), is an audio movie that trades on his penchant for dizzyingly evocative bars that could easily double as true-crime fiction.

  • Jonas Bendiksen Takes Photos in Countries That Don't Exist

    Unlike almost all of the other photographers we have spoken to in the VICE Loves Magnum series, Jonas Bendiksen’s work isn't focused on war zones or conflict. From examining life in marginal post-Soviet states to exploring humanity’s ever-quickening...

  • We Spoke to Femen About Their Topless Tunisian Protest

    Yesterday, three members of the feminist activist group Femen staged a topless protest outside the Ministry of Justice in Tunis, Tunisia. It is thought to be the first topless feminist protest to ever take place in the Arab world.

  • The Loneliness of the Village at the End of the World

    Last year, director Sarah Gavron and cinematographer David Katznelson visited Niaqornat, a tiny village in Greenland, and made a documentary centered on the collision between the old and the new, and the residents’ struggle with climate change and...

  • Some Rich People Are Building a Giant Clock Inside a Mountain

    The team behind the construction—boasting names like Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired magazine and Brian Eno—want the clock to destroy the short-term thinking they believe is plaguing society. Their aim is to engage the population so we all...