• Can Ashley Judd Save America?

    Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader and one of the most loathsome politicians in the US, is up for reelection next year, and his most serious challenger is, apparently, Ashley Judd. Can she save the country from his obstructionism? Spoiler...

  • They Shoot Horses Full of Drugs, Don’t They?

    Here are the ways to get a horse more juiced up than the starting lineup of the 1970s Oakland Raiders.

  • Todd's People - God in Kentucky

    If you get between his drugs and his guns, he'll kill you.

  • Family Tradition

    Martin County, Kentucky is dry. That means unless you can make moonshine, you ain't getting drunk. If you want to crank it up, you need to head over the bridge into Fort Gay (yeah, yeah), West Virginia. That's where the Wildcat bar is.

  • Father Beiting's House

    Father Ralph W. Beiting put the VICE staff up in his guesthouse while we were in Kentucky. He's been trying to rescue Appalachia from poverty for 50 years now. He should change his name to Monsignor Sisyphus.

  • LBJ Day

    This memoir of Lyndon B. Johnson's visit to Kentucky was handwritten by Inez, Kentucky native Shelba Pack Brown on April 24, 1964. We maintained the spelling and grammar just as it was because we like the way it sounds. That's all. It's not to be funny.

  • The Great Flood

    In October 2000, there was a flood in Inez, Kentucky. The EPA called it the worst environmental catastrophe in the history of the eastern United States.

  • Mountain Momma

    I'm 21 and I was raised in Louisa, Kentucky. I love it here. It's peaceful. It's quiet. I have two kids, Destiny and Jacob. They're one and two years old. I'm raising them on my own because their dad was unfaithful.

  • Stripped Mountain

    Before: The little building front and center is one of the few remaining homeplaces in the mountains outside of Mud, West Virginia.

  • Ten Years' Bad Luck

    I lived in Columbus most of my life, though I was born down here in Kentucky. I moved back up here four years ago to help my dad. He lives next door. He's getting a little older-you know how that gets.