• Brazil Wants to Tear Down an Indigenous Museum to Put Up a Parking Lot

    The Brazilian government wants to destroy the Museum of Indian Culture in Rio de Janeiro to build a parking lot for the new World Cup stadium that sits next door.

  • The Westgate Attack Shows How Desperate al-Shabaab Have Become

    With the militant group panicking and in disarray, they’re ready to lash out regardless of the consequences. Not content with stoning adulterous women, recruiting child soldiers, and taking young girls as "wives," al-Shabaab wants to set up an Islamic...

  • Sudan's Government Isn't Going Down Without a Fight

    The antiregime protests that have swept Sudan for the last week are at a crossroads, with the fervent optimism of the previous days giving way to somber reflection and shock that over 50 people are believed to have died.

  • Have Police Killed Ten Members of the Same Venezuelan Family?

    Over the past 15 years, ten male members of the Barrios family, based in Guanayén, northern Venezuela, have been killed. It is the belief of one female member, Eloisa Barrios, that the men were all killed by the police as part of a multi-generational...

  • Can Britain Handle the Rapes, Killings, and Clans in Somalia?

    There's a big meeting in London tomorrow to talk about all of Somalia's problems. Officials from the UN, the African Union, the IMF, and 50 countries will be there to impart their wisdom/spout platitudes in a bid to help Somalia rebuild itself after...

  • Keeping Score On The Gore

    Dr. Howard C. Adelman is a pathologist who does private consultations for police, private investigators, and local morticians. To a horror-movie fan and true-crime fan, the guy is also a living legend. He was the deputy chief medical inspector at the...