• Implausible Literary Halloween Costumes No One Will Recognize

    The Judge from Blood Meridian: One cool thing to do on Halloween is to act like a total dick to everybody and pretend it’s just part of your costume. Considering that the Judge is one of the biggest loudmouth brutes in all of literature, why not...

  • Learning How to Haunt Yourself

    The more computers infiltrate our lives, the more fucked and torn apart people become. Where dicks like Whitman went off and lived surrounded with the trees, now we disappear into web browsers. Amina Cain, however, is able to turn the modern condition...

  • The Many False Floors of Harry Mathews

    Since 1962, Harry Mathews has published more than 30 works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, many of which blur the lines between the three so effectively it’s difficult to say which genre they fall into.

  • Everyone Is a Plagiarist

    In the face of all the recent discussion about plagiarism, I’ve been constantly thinking about inspiration, where anything comes from. It’s hard not to feel constantly affected by everything that surrounds us. After driving through Atlanta traffic, for...

  • Skaters Can Read

    Despite the age-old rumor that skateboarders are illiterate, we have indisputable photographic and videotape evidence that proves just the opposite.

  • Lola

    Photos inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 1962 film adaptation of Lolita. Photography by Tomás Peña, styling by Ella Cepeda.