• The Slayer Christmas Sweater Is a Disgrace

    Sure, you can make the argument that the Three Wise Men following a star through the desert in search of a Baby King to give him resin is kind of the Christian religion’s "Seasons In The Abyss" video. But I simply cannot reconcile the inherent...

  • Merchandise Are Like the Smiths, but Punk

    Merchandise are three guys from Tampa, Florida, who decided to leave behind any dreams of being cool non-conformists and form an indie pop group. I've been acting like an scary tween obsessive ever since I saw them play in New York.

  • We Saw This: Merchandise

    Tampa Bays’ Merchandise played Wierd night in NYC to a pleased and packed house. Elbowing past a sea of girls who want to have singer Carson Cox’s babies, I managed to get so close to the stage I got slammed onto it in just a few minutes into their set.

  • Slayer Rules

    We met one guy in a wheelchair who lost his job for his love of Slayer.