• The Families of Colombia's 'False Positive' Victims Are Still Fighting for Justice

    I recently visited Soacha, a poor neighborhood outside of Bogota, to hear about Colombia's 'false positives' scandal. The scandal has its roots in the country's 50-year civil war. In an effort to increase their kill numbers, government soldiers...

  • They Still Call Me Daddy

    Marcus was nine and Nick was four when their dad explained that he was going to start a new life as a woman. In several conversations, Dio Dipasupil, married and in his early 40s, would sit down with his boys at the family’s home in New Jersey and...

  • Afghanistan's Carpet Loomers Are Feeding Their Kids Hashish

    Poverty drives both the carpet and drug business. Husbands tend to be farmers, working long hours in the fields. The only income opportunity for women, who are not able to work anywhere but their homes, is carpet making. But who takes care of the...

  • Guilt Trip

    Dr. Brewster, you have a phone call from your mother. She says it's extremely urgent. "Andrew this is your mother. I need you to give me a ride."

  • A People's History of Father's Day

    Make this Father’s Day the greatest fucking baseball cap your dad ever wore!

  • I Was Banned from Public Access TV by the Age of 11

    The stoners loved my show but PETA didn't.