• MC Daleste Is the Seventh Baile Funk Artist Murdered in Sao Paulo

    The Brazilian internet imploded last weekend when a video was posted online of MC Daleste getting shot and killed. MC Daleste, whose real name was Daniel Pellegrine, was a prominent 20-year-old singer in São Paulo’s Funk Ostentação scene.

  • The Good News About Boston's Horrible Week in Sports

    If you are a die-hard Boston sports fan, chances are you're relieved this week is over. The heartbreak started on Sunday with the announcement that Doc Rivers, head coach for the Boston Celtics, was leaving for the Los Angeles Clippers. It only got...

  • When Is It OK to Kill?

    Yesterday, Ian Brady explained his murder of five children in the mid-60s as an "existentialist experience." Which seems like a big leap from reading Sartre's Nausea while staring out of windows, but I suppose that's how you get away with...

  • Homophobic Killings Won't Dampen New York's Gay Pride

    At the end of this month, New York will celebrate its annual gay-pride march. But the parties and marches will be tarnished by the string of recent hate crimes that prompted that presence. The most notorious of those crimes being the murder of 32-year...

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: A guy who made his son quit the Scouts vs. A guy who murdered three people over a prank.

  • I Don't Have the Stones to Be a Crime Reporter

    Last summer, I filed a story about a 12-year-old girl from London who'd failed to return home one Friday. People go missing all the time, so, although obviously sad, it was nothing that remarkable. In the days that followed, however, Tia Sharp's...