nuclear war

  • We Asked a Military Expert if All the World's Armies Could Shut Down the US

    The government shutdown might throw the world into a "deep, dark recession." Didn’t the planet just come out of one of those? Maybe it's time the rest of the world said enough is enough. It’s time for the rest of the world to get a great big army...

  • They Weren't Joking, North Korea Tested Another Nuclear Bomb

    While you were sleeping, North Korea was causing a small earthquake on the Korean peninsula. After a gradual buildup over the past few weeks that's seen domestic media in the socialist state saturated with missile-themed iconography, and timed just a...

  • A Girl's Guide to Dressing for the Apocalypse

    Don't even bother dying if you aren't gonna look good doing it. Corpses are bad enough, but ugly ones go to hell. Now, considering the fact that a bunch of dead Mesoamericans from thousands of years ago reckon we're all going to be extinct in...

  • What's the Scariest Country in the World?

    Last week's news that North Korea is planning on shooting a rocket into the sky—in an attempt to put a satellite into orbit—has left a lot of people freaked out. All of this made us wonder, "What's the scariest country in the world?"