Old People

  • Old People Hate Hipsters, Justin Bieber, and Kurt Cobain, Poll Shows

    A Public Policy Polling survey of voters showed that Americans hate Bieber, haven't really heard of Skrillex, and have never downloaded any music illegally. In other news, the average American voter polled in these things is OLD.

  • Obseshes ≠ Endorsements

    So when I say I’m obseshed with the just announced mini Black Flag re-re-reunion, I mean that I am interested in the way that an academic is interested when a Google Alert pops up about something tangentially related to his research but isn’t like...

  • Question of the Day - How Old Would You Go?

    Aaliyah said, "Age ain’t nothin’ but a number." She was married at 15 to a much older R. Kelly, so props to her. Most people, no matter how old, would let R. touch them with his pissy stick. Other than R. Kelly, who's the oldest person you'd fuck?

  • Old People Having Fun in the Sun

    Here are a bunch of pictures that make you wish you were a bag of excess skin. The photos feature olds unashamedly strutting their stuff while on vacation in Tenerife.

  • Shit Disturber

    You have one of the most disgusting jobs I've ever heard of.