• We Interviewed Tommie Smith About the 1968 'Black Power' Salute

    Tommie had an interesting story to tell. He says it was a fist raised for the world, not just Black Americans. And he spoke a lot in the third person because he's a badass.

  • Rating Games: A Chat With Brad Garfield

    The Emmy winning director - who covered two Olympics with NBC - tells us how the 'ol peacock's Games coverage won primetime.

  • Should Skateboarding Be in the Olympics?

    Modern vert and mega ramp are essentially gymnastics on wheels anyway, so why not include them? Oh yeah, that's right… because most pro skateboarders are on drugs.

  • Wide World of Balls - So Phelps Is a Jock

    Selected highlights from last week in balls: Michael Phelps went out in a blaze of glory, the US basketball team came close to getting whupped, Mike Trout is faster than a Slayer record, Missy Franklin did a dumb thing, the Phillies are no good and...

  • MMA Is Too Brutal for the Olympics and That's Why We Love It

    What would casual Olympics fans do the first time they saw an MMA competitor grab an opponent in a Thai clinch? Can you imagine—the stunned looks, the open mouths, the covered eyes, the horrible silence, the scandal?

  • What Would You Win a Gold Medal In?

    "It would be absolute chaos!" I hear you cry. "Completely unimplementable, particularly in an age of recession. Think of the staffing issues." Well, maybe, but at least it would be fair. And what's more important: feasibility or our shared dream of...

  • Which Type of Olympic Athlete Would You Sleep With?

    Durex has given out the largest number of condoms ever to the world's fittest and finest. It all seems a bit unfair. Olympians get to have safe sex with other physically superlative people. What about you? Who gets the gold medal in making you wanna...

  • Do We Really Want the Tom Daley Twitter Dick to End Up in Prison?

    Yesterday, Tom Daley, that twinky British kid with a preternatural ability to fall into water gracefully, failed to get an Olympic medal. Most of England realized that you can't win all the time, and set about consoling him because Tom was, presumably...

  • Everyone Who Hates the Olympics Protested In London on Saturday

    The Olympic Games gives people an excuse to do stuff like this with their hair, making anyone who opposes them a gigantic killjoy. What’s not to like about the Olympics? Didn't you see the Opening Ceremony? They played Happy Mondays for like, three...

  • The Recent Unpleasantness - Olympic Mascots: An Oral History

    Hear past Olympic mascots like Amik the Beaver and Powder the Hare reveal every sordid detail of their troubled lives. In their own words, these washed up icons touch on everything from giving handies to make ends meet to smoking 35 pounds of bath...

  • Spoiler Alert: Pictures from the Olympics Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

    Being a long-time armchair sports fan, I volunteered to work unpaid on the London 2012 team. It was the Games’ official slogan—“Inspire a Generation”—that convinced me. "I am that generation," I thought to myself. "So this must be my time!"

  • Instant Offence - Olympics Special

    THE OLYMPICS - They're so amazing.