• On Patrol with Ontario's Suburban Batman

    Brampton Batman takes this shit very, very seriously and tells me he's the Dark Knight even when he's not wearing an expensive replica getup. He's also, very, very polite, which is only natural since this is Canadian Batman after all.

  • Why Did the Toronto Police Kill Sammy Yatim?

    The people of Toronto have a lot of questions for its police force after Sammy Yatim, an 18-year-old armed only with a knife, was shot nine times by a police officer in a busy part of the city. We spoke to an eye-witness, who shot one of two iPhone...

  • Why Did Toronto's Pride Parade Shut Out the Trans March?

    This weekend, after years of fighting for the right to be seen and heard, thousands of people took to Yonge Street in the largest Trans March of all time. This wasn't the largest Trans March in Canada—this was the largest Trans March in the world. Ever.