Papua New Guinea

  • Street Gangs in Papua New Guinea Look Terrifying

    Papua New Guinea’s street gangs, the Raskols, make the gangster claims of US rappers look ridiculous. These guys even make their own weapons—from knives to guns—inside their settlement.

  • The VICE Olympics Worst Dressed List

    The Olympic Games is an opportunity for every nation to showcase their ability to dress said athletes without making them look like utter fuck-ups on a weird bachelor party getaway. And while certain nations with a fashion industry of their own (here's...

  • Cargo Cults Have Been Eating People

    I was pretty shocked to learn that a nonsensical belief in a made up deity could lead the "cargo cults" that live on the Pacific Island of Tanna to perform acts of violence, so I decided to call Inspector Jacob Bando of the Royal Papua New Guinea...

  • Meeting Baby Kevin Rudd

    Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made an official visit to a small village in Papua New Guinea where he was mobbed, showered with gifts, and generally treated like a rock star.