Plan B

  • What Gifts Did Obama Give His America-Hating Voters?

    "I love my president, but I have to be honest, if Romney had come with a delicious thigh that was fried in golden succulent batter, I'd be a Republican. What can I say? I love the bird."

  • How Much Plan B Is Too Much?

    We live in a highly sophisticated society that has invested billions in creating multiple ways for humans to enjoy boning without having to worry about the consequences. So there is no shame in hitting up the clinic for that Plan B every now and again...

  • Vice Recommends

    Earlier this month, we had our one day super concert, Tales Of The Jackalope. Alongside The Horrors, who were amazing and insane, Klaxons were our other personal highlight. After the performance, Simon from the band strangely ran away to a tent and...