• Where Is the Paper Trail for the FBI's Drone Use?

    With FBI Director Robert Mueller officially putting drone use on record, and with a bit of FOIA prodding, hopefully the FBI will glance through their filing cabinets a second time.

  • Hiding Your Calls and Texts from Big Brother

    Silent Circle is a company that offers a way for individuals and companies to protect their communications from everyone from the NSA to run-of-the-mill identity thieves. They say they don't store your data and that their system is so secure that even...

  • Rubbing One Out with a Roommate

    Living with someone else in such close quarters means three things: You are going to smell their shit on a regular basis, at some point you will see one of their pubes in the tub, and you are most definitely going to hear them having sex. (Especially...

  • Delete Everything Now

    We give up our privacy, as they say, for candy bars. The problem is that the thing we give our information to today is not necessarily the thing that will have it tomorrow.

  • Killer App

    If Diaspora has shown us anything, it’s that people can care enough to have a say about privacy, when the time is right.

  • Oh Hey, 'Assman85'

    Why isn't Congress stopping your scumbag boss from asking for all your passwords?