• Προσπάθησα να Αγαπήσω μια Πόρνη

    Αν ντρέπεστε εύκολα, καλύτερα να μην το διαβάσετε.

  • How Would Sex Workers Design a Perfect Condom?

    Bill Gates's plan to make safe sex more enjoyable than sex without a layer of rubber separating the fun bits sounds pretty far-fetched. To brainstorm ideas that could help him, I called up some sex workers to see if they could come up with a design...

  • The Walkabout Is Cambodia's Sleaziest Bar

    There’s something kind of heartening in the fact that there's one thing that can make the taxi girls, the motodops, and the Venn diagram of wildly divergent expat groups overlap in the middle of a hooker bar: a garbage bag filled with money.

  • Pimp Rap Has a New Prince and His Name Is 100s

    We haven't seen an MC lay his mack down like 100s did on 'Ice Cold Perm,' his superb debut mixtape, since Snoop's last name was Dogg and Too $hort was spitting "Freaky Tales." It's crazy that he's only 19, half-Jewish, and recently escaped out of a...

  • Cobra-91

    After the war in Iraq started, I spent a lot of time supervising "Cobra" counterterrorism cops assigned to chemical & biological warfare response teams in Lower Manhattan-you know, the guys in the bubble suits that scare everyone half to death?

  • Vice Fashion - Boys From Brazil

    Photos by Derrick Santini