• Taken

    There’s no reason why anyone should talk about or listen to other people talking about sports for hours and hours every day. There is not necessarily that much to say about men running and catching balls under the best of circumstances, and necessarily...

  • Rocky Anderson Knows Mitt Romney Well and Thinks He Has No Integrity

    Ross "Rocky" Anderson is the former mayor of Salt Lake City who worked with Mitt Romney during the 2002 Winter Olympics. He's running for president as a candidate of the Justice Party, which he created to campaign on a platform of social justice. We...

  • Stupid Shit White Girls Say to Me

    Commuting between my shitty backwater town in rural England and London freaks me out: I get lulled into this safety net of functional multiculturalism in East London, and then the second I get home the whole thing falls apart faster than you can say...

  • Hank Willis Thomas Has a New Show and We Went to the Opening

    Hank filled up the whole space with his interesting brand of art, which comments on modern-day race relations. Given the current feeling by some that we are living in a post-racial society, Hank makes provocative statements and asks important questions...

  • They Shoot Horses Full of Drugs, Don’t They?

    Here are the ways to get a horse more juiced up than the starting lineup of the 1970s Oakland Raiders.

  • Here’s What Fox News Will Say About Obama’s Trayvon Martin Comments

    I’ve taken the liberty of predicting what the blonde fembots and deceptively clean-cut nutjobs that parade through FOX News will say in the next 48 hours. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Peace Be Upon You, with John Safran

    Are Greek people white enough to go to white power parties?

  • Vice Comics


  • England Is The Place For Me

    While certain rock stars with surnames that rhyme with "dagger" were making pained efforts to be seen to be hip on the 60s scene in London, Val Wilmer was living in the calypso, jazz and highlife alternative.

  • Hollaaaaa!

    Yo, don't know if y'all niggas heard 'bout this but this white dude in Florida recently wrote this fucked-up fuckin' review of a hip-hop show, talkin' bout, talkin' bout, talkin' bout how fucked-up the show was and shit. Nigga didn't write it like a...