Ron Paul

  • Road-Tripping with Rand Paul

    I followed the guy who's probably running for president in 2016 as he gave speeches to evangelical Christians, hobnobbed with rich Silicon Valley techno-libertarians, and continued his effort to form a voting coalition of black conservatives...

  • We Interviewed Rand Paul... He's Not Quite as Annoying as His Dad

    Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from Kentucky, spent last week in California, visiting tech executives at Facebook, Google, and eBay and kissing the proverbial GOP ring at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. We interviewed him about his trip, his...

  • Jay Leno: New Hero of the Republican Party

    Jay Leno has been called many things: a conniving opportunist, America's middle-of-the-road funnyman, and even the true heir to Johnny Carson's legacy. But in the wake of Leno's impending exit from 'The Tonight Show,' he has earned a new role as a hero...

  • Rand Paul Is Wooing Conservatives on Immigration Reform

    The Republican Party have reached a tipping point and appear to have started tepidly embracing immigration reform. The man who has played a big role in tipping the scale is Senator Rand Paul, the libertarian golden boy.

  • Mitt Romney Hates the Crazy Christians Too

    Todd Akin and his ilk have the potential to link the Republican Party and the word "rape" permanently in the fickle minds of undecided voters. Romney's not thrilled about that.

  • The Kids Are All Libertarian

    "The government sucks and gay marriage is cool." - The Kids

  • Republicans for the Win

    Mitt Romney's former Nevada State campaign director tells us everything.