same-sex marriage

  • Same-Sex (Sort Of) Marriage Allowed in Australia's Capital, Maybe

    Constitutional law just got interesting for the rest of us, assuming you care about marriage equality. Oops, you can't call it that anymore.

  • The Kindest Thing Jay Leno Ever Did for Me

    The kindest thing Jay Leno ever did for me was call me a lesbian on network television. That's totally what I am—just a big ole tiny lesbian—and his exact phrasing was "Lesbians rule!" He yelled that on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on...

  • Is DOMA About to Be DOA?

    It seems clear that five justices expressed enough dismay at the federal government’s intrusion into an essential state function that come decision time, DOMA will be DOA. In the long-term jurisprudence of gay marriage, however, the Prop 8 decision...