• All Alone at Four in the Morning

    I’ve just photographed a tall thin naked transvestite whore in a MacArthur Park motel room, and I’m in a good mood. The air is misty and cold. I’m walking the wrong way back to the car, trying to maneuver with my cane and camera down a blacktop hill...

  • How Would Sex Workers Design a Perfect Condom?

    Bill Gates's plan to make safe sex more enjoyable than sex without a layer of rubber separating the fun bits sounds pretty far-fetched. To brainstorm ideas that could help him, I called up some sex workers to see if they could come up with a design...

  • Sex Work, Not Slavery

    About 100 people gathered outside of the "Voice"'s offices yesterday to hear speakers denounce Village Voice Media for running a site they claim enables underage prostitutes and sex trafficking.