• Ένα Βράδυ στο «Σκληρό» Λίβερπουλ

    Βγάλαμε φωτογραφίες μεθυσμένους τύπους που τραγουδούσαν καραόκε, έτρωγαν «βρόμικο» και έπαιζαν ξύλο.

  • Hey Ron! Will the Flu Kill Me?

    You should avoid the subways. There are people that sneeze on the train and I just want to smack them. I’ve seen people pick their nose and then grab the rail. I look at them like, “Really?” And they say, “Sorry.” But they aren’t sorry for what they...

  • Your Dog Is Full of Dirty Diseases

    Recent research has shown that sharing an ice cream cone with your dog or letting your cat nap on your face isn’t just unhygienic, it could kill you, shit-for-brains, so cut it out.

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