• Are Boxers Happy?

    A few weeks ago I asked a group of model-train enthusiasts about the secret of happiness. They told me that if you’ve got a hobby, you can spin all of life’s pain and horror to the sides and focus on that thing you love. The recipe is simple—get a...

  • We Went to the Alan Border Medal Presentation Because Someone Invited Us

    Everyday we arrive at work to inboxes full of invitations from public relations people who don’t really know what we do. They can be anything from the launch of a new brand of mocassin, to the latest pop up flash mob collaborative branded street art...

  • Instant Offence - Choc's Big Trip

    Welcome to part two of James and Alex's blog about fucking sports.

  • Raw China

    Driving his white Chang An Ling Mu “City Baby” compact past the 5th Ring Road into the far west precincts of Beijing Coach Johnee surveys the grey murk ahead in the distance.

  • Gym Monkeys

    Newspapers and pro athletes who get busted and then cry shame and say they hate steroids are LIARS. Steroids rule.