• The Minor Outsider

    He was 29 and he liked to watch people shoot drugs into their arms on YouTube while he ate the Safeway version of Cheerios. He believed this had something to do with being afraid of, but interested in, death. He’d never done heroin. He was a coward.

  • The Forgetful Ghost

    If you claim to like books and reading and don’t know who William T. Vollmann is by now, there is even less hope for this thing we call humanity than what can be gleaned from his prose. Bill sent us this great story about an amnesiac spirit which is...

  • Hey Rube!

    There were some people with Cameron’s Circus whom the corrosion of years could not rob of fine qualities. But the greater number were thieves, liars and embryo eggs. Desperadoes known as “cannons,” “dips” and “guns” followed us to every town.

  • The Sisters Brothers

    I was sitting outside the Commodore’s mansion, waiting for my brother Charlie to come out with news of the job. It was threatening to snow and I was cold and for want of something to do I studied Charlie’s new horse Nimble. My new horse was called Tub.

  • Amy Hempel

    Together with writers like Raymond Carver, Barry Hannah, and Mary Robison, Hempel has been canonized both into the “golden age” of the short story and as a minimalist writer.

  • Mary Karr

    Karr handles gruesome experiences with such compassion, charm, lyricism, vividness, and mordant comedy that the work transcends mere horror story or freak show. Her storytelling melds scrappy Texas slang with poetic precision and is totally addictive.

  • Vice Fashion - 5 Photographers, 5 Stories

    Photos by Emma Arvida, Maciek Pozoga, Harley Weir, Jonnie Craig & Ben Rayner

  • Vice Fashion - Betty Rules Bethnal Green

    Photos by Valerie PhillipsStyling by Aldene Johnson

  • El Hombre Arana

    In the fall of 2006 I was on the Morrissey Tour. I had been touring since March ‘06, traveling all over the world photographing his concerts and fans.

  • Missionary Style

    I grew up in an evangelical Christian church where my father was a reverend and my mom taught Sunday school. Evangelical Christians are those real pushy Christians who think that everyone else but them are going to hell, even Catholics and Jews.

  • Taxi Drivers Are Wankers

    This is a story by Aidan Moffat, the big lovable Scottish perv formerly of Arab Strap. He has a new album coming out of spoken-word pieces where he whispers filthy, sometimes funny stories of love in your ear over moody background music.

  • Vice Fiction - My Appetite

    I began stealing when I was twenty-two. The first thing I stole was a chocolate muffin. I started eating it on my way round the supermarket and finished it before I got to the till. From then on, whenever I did my weekly food shop, I'd steal something.