strip clubs

  • My Very Gay Night at Very Straight Strip Clubs

    I'm about as gay as Cristiano Ronaldo's underwear drawer, so the sultry photos plastered outside of New York’s mega strip club, FlashDancers, have never really interested me. Recently, though, I got to thinking, and as a man who loves sex, sex workers...

  • This Week in Florida - Tampa Police Pretty Sure Republicans Like Prostitutes

    Tampa strip clubs and hookers are expecting big business during convention week. In anticipation of this, Tampa police mounted (no pun intended) an undercover crackdown on prostitution in 12 area strip clubs, resulting in 16 arrests.

  • We Got Our Interns to Review Some Strip Clubs

    They coped surprisingly well with all the flappy vagina thrust in their faces. And at one point they even had a go on the pole, so that’s something for you to look forward to.