sunday funday

  • Weightless

    I was always conscious of my size, so losing weight felt like cutting a tether. After ten years of being overweight, I was free to move through space again, but I struggled to redefine my self-image.

  • Blobby Boys in the Hand of Death

    One night, a customer stops by Blobby's house to buy weed. He invites Blobby to come with him to a cult meeting. The cult leader thinks he will kill Blobby, but Blobby has other plans.

  • Lickey Louise

    In the middle of the woods is a tree that bleeds. If you kill the tree and drink its blood, you get very high. And as you've probably already guessed, the kids are getting very high off the tree's blood these days.

  • Retarder 2

    You know that kid who wanted to be cool so badly he fell for bullies' pranks on the playground? That geeky kid who is on every Sunday morning cartoon? This is a story about that kid.

  • Screw Everyone

    Dav is having one of those days. By “one of those days,” we mean he's dealing with fire, helicopters, and stupid itty bitty humans who refuse to shut up.

  • Torture Castle

    Step right up, go through the gate, and walk through the Torture Castle. There are no humans in site. There are only caskets, ghosts, and monsters. And even the ghouls are scared.

  • No Dongs, Tits or Sex Acts (Sort Of)

    Effeminate cartoon bears annoyed the doctor, so he switched a Sunday morning cartoon's brain with a 1930s wise guy's mind. And that happened before everything got weird.

  • The Blobby Boys in Evicted

    The Blobby Boys are green, best friends, and about to get evicted. Kristoff decides to leave his friend and live off the land till he meets a rich kid, who mistakes him for an alien and invites him home. He's not an alien, but he plays along. The kid...

  • Clutch

    A guy was sitting on a chair outside his house drinking a beer and surveying the calm black-and-white woods, when a strange child walked up to him and touched his face. She disappeared; he thought her touch meant nothing. If only he knew what would...