Syria's Civil War

  • Black-Gold Blues - The Hazards and Horrors of the Makeshift Oil Industry in Rebel-Held Syria

    For four decades, the al-Assad regime (first run by Hafez, and now by his son Bashar) struck deals with Western oil companies like Shell and Total that resulted in the extraction of as much as 27,000 barrels of black gold from the sand every day.

  • Transported to Camp Arbat: the Invisible Scars of Syrian Teens

    For the first time, I was intimidated by the presence of a 13-year-old. Before I asked my first question, she beat me to it: "Where do you live?" Her response would've been the same regardless of my answer. It was a setup for her next question: "Can...

  • Trapped in a Town Under Siege: Syrian Children Are Eating Leaves to Survive

    When she was brought to a field hospital, Rana Obaid had all the signs of severe malnutrition—a bloated belly, glassy eyes, hollow cheeks, and bloodied gums. Doctors examined her but there was little they could do. The one-year-old died within a day...

  • Hezbollah Stronghold in Beirut Bombed

    Thursday’s explosion in the Dahiyeh—an almost autonomous state-within-a-state in Beirut that is controlled by the Lebanese Shia party Hezbollah—was the second of such attacks to hit the area in the last couple of months and signaled that Hezbollah's...