• Paul Ryan, All-American Teenager

    Hey, have you guys heard about this Paul Ryan character yet? He sure is divisive! Just a few short days after he was announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate he’s become one of the Top Things To Have An Opinion On. But I think we are being a bit too...

  • Northern Lights

    Fresh off an assignment documenting young girls working as prostitutes in the Czech Republic, she returned to her native Denmark eager to investigate the suicide epidemic plaguing teenage Inuits.

  • Mersey Infanticide

    These kids were all busy getting on with their day-to-day trade of shooting each other and supplying the city’s junkies with regular supplies of crack and heroin.

  • Tomorrow, The World

    Kids do their rites of passage stuff at a much younger age these days. We’re not just talking about things like smoking crack or stabbing strangers for their MP3 player (although that does account for 98 per cent of it).

  • Jamie-James Medina

    I recently spent a couple of weeks with a young gang from South London as they went about their day-to-day business of collecting, weighing, bagging, and selling drugs; listening to pirate radio and early Mobb Deep; and talking about how many people...

  • Ben Cho

    This is a group of 16-year-old quadruplets that I know. They were born and raised in Williamsburg, where they go to a private school.