• Visiting the Motherland

    Before the rise of the xenophobic pseudo-patriotism that's responsible for our decaying reputation abroad, there was a time when the American experience involved spending your earlier years in another country and then coming over to the US in a huddled...

  • Deadly Fashion Braces Are Big in Thailand

    Vanity braces are pretty nice until they give you a thyroid infection that leads to fatal heart failure.

  • What's the Grossest Thing You Could Paint Your Face In?

    And more stuff in VICE Style's Week in Tidbits.

  • Criticize the Thai Monarchy at Your Peril

    You might get beaten up by twins or spend 15 years in jail.

  • Shit-in

    Welcome to the biggest, messiest party in Bangkok. Roughly 10,000 Thais—nearly a million if you ask the invaders—have seized the prime minister’s Government House headquarters.

  • Stompers Reunion

    In June 2006, between 20 and 30 students from a technical college in Bangkok, Thailand, were gathered at a bar. A man who did not know these students made a disrespectful comment which led to the man’s death.