• Come to the Closing Party for Ed Zipco and William Dunleavy's Photo Show Right Now!

    If you live in or around NYC and didn’t attend the Armory Show this year, today is your last chance. Or if you are averse to the worst aspect of art shows (i.e., the people in attendance), skip all the bullshit and head down to the closing party for Ed...

  • Ten Radically Futuristic Ideas in Obama's State of the Union Address

    The president got a little sci-fi with some of the ideas he proposed in his big speech last night. SOTUs are notorious for being lofty wishlists, so consider these proposals Obama's wildest political fantasies.

  • The Year in Gifs

    We could have summarized the year's stories using words—you know, those collections of symbols that represent ideas—but since it's almost 2013, we should really be communicating only in moving images.

  • On the Lam in Lebanon

    It’s dusk when the rebels move into position within a cluster of lemon and olive groves about 300 feet from the Syrian border post north of the bleak and dusty Lebanese farming village of al-Qaa. I’m watching the operation from behind the troops with...

  • The Suspicious Return of The Daily Capper

    The preferred newscast for online pedophiles, The Daily Capper, has returned after over a year of silence to chime in on the blackmail of Amanda Todd.

  • Kubrick's Letters: Having It Both Ways

    Looking over some stills from The Shining Forward and Backward, I was immediately struck by the text permeating beneath Jack and the gang slowly going mad, together, at the Overlook Hotel.