The Fashion Issue 2008

  • Raw China

    She works off a muddy street in the far northeastern outskirts of Beijing in the scrappy, dirty slums that aren't on any tourist maps.

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Helsinki

    Finnish boys are currently shunning color. The only acceptable color is in accents such as scarves or anything made by Henrik Vibskov. Otherwise boys like to camouflage themselves to fit the city surroundings, and the most popular tones for clothes are...

  • A Conversation With Susan Cianciolo

    Susan Cianciolo is a multimedia artist and designer who has been working for almost two decades both inside and outside the fashion system.

  • Up-and-Comers - UK

    Somewhere among the pulsating mass of young designers and wannabe trendsetters that choke the streets of London are a few new faces who are ready to do great things on fashion's front lines.

  • Global Trend Report '08 - New Zealand

    It's slightly disappointing that no one in this majestic land actually looks like Frodo or Xena. Yes, that is all most of us know about New Zealand. Oh, and Flight of the Conchords, which isn't the funniest thing ever, but it's a little bit funny once...

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Stockholm

    Welcome to Sweden, home of the "normal girl." After all the boring kids in Stockholm went into emo overload, the quirky girls have gone straight in rebellion.