The Homo Neanderthalensis Issue

  • No Love Lost

    Visiting a brothel in Slough was never high on my list of things to do, but having looked at these shots by the photojournalist Michael Grieve, I've categorically ruled it out.

  • Amynal Nitrite

    Our friend—let’s call him P—loves poppers.

  • Crazy Glu

    You know that gay people recruit, right? Yeah, well, they do, and Girls Like Us Lesbian Quarterly is the perfect brochure for luring cool young women over to the dark side.

  • Moldova

    At the end of 2007, I went to Moldova to take pictures for a couple of charities.

  • Vice Fashion - Field Trip

    Photos by Harley WeirStyling by Aldene Johnson

  • Vice Fashion - It's Bassline House Up North, Yeah, Innit

    Photos by James Pearson-Howes and Ben RaynerStyling by Lola Okuyiga and Kylie Griffiths

  • NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

    I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the original NiGHTS Into Dreams on the Saturn until I played this, which is saying something because I thought I remembered enjoying the original a lot, but it turns out I enjoyed it even more than that.

  • Climb Every Mountain

    Ryan McPhun is an American living in New Zealand. He moved there five years ago and as you can imagine, his accent is a bit strange.

  • Raw China

    These death metal maestros make the four horsemen of the apocalypse sound like My Little Pony.

  • Electric Independence

    For the second month in a row we're over in New York, in a manner of speaking, talking to a couple of guys who've made an incredible record that perhaps a few hundred people might think about buying.

  • Under The Fuzz

    The internet has made everything too easy. Remember when you used to have to send a cheque off to some PO Box just to get hold of a zine and in the back of it you'd see a list of records by a bunch of bands you knew nothing about?

  • Wade In The Water

    Let's keep this simple. Marlene McCarty is one of our favorite artists and has been for years. She has a new show running from April 5 until May 3 at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. in New York City. We asked Marlene about this new work, and this is what she...