The Homo Neanderthalensis Issue

  • Literary

    We’ve been getting regular visits in print from everybody’s favourite radical-thinking former bodybuilder, ultimate fighter, bouncer, singer and all-round loveable loony tune since he wrote the Vice Guide to Getting Beaten Up for us way back when for...

  • Documented Mind- Wandering

    Tickley Feather is the nom de plume of a 29-year-old woman named Annie Sachs. She lives with her four-year-old son, Aiden, out in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When she has some time off from doing motherly stuff, she writes and sings these...

  • Branches And Roots And... Pinecones

    Tall Firs are a Brooklyn band that has really calming vibes but also a low-level heaviness sort of thing going on. If I were a really lazy writer who relied on clichés, I would say that Tall Firs' music has a "sense of hushed intensity."

  • It's Complicated

    Liam Sparkes has played in more London DIY bands than you can shake a whole bushel of fanzines about Huggy Bear at. From Harry Stab and Human Bomb to Drumize with Eye from Boredoms, he's done stuff in them.

  • Dark Meat

    Do you know Belladonna? She’s fantastic. She’s like the David Copperfield of porn—she can make anything, and I mean ANYTHING, disappear up her ass.

  • Do It!

    UK urban music is in the best state it's been in for a decade. Ten-year-old girls are throwing their Bratz dolls out the window and breakdancing in their wheelie shoes when a bassline tune comes on daytime radio.

  • Records

    Who’d have thought 20 years ago that the music present-day goths would be into would sound exactly like someone making fun of the music that goths were into 20 years ago?

  • Taxi Drivers Are Wankers

    This is a story by Aidan Moffat, the big lovable Scottish perv formerly of Arab Strap. He has a new album coming out of spoken-word pieces where he whispers filthy, sometimes funny stories of love in your ear over moody background music.

  • Giant Haystacks

    If your band has a stupid name, you need to be able to justify it. So many bands just don't give a shit anymore.

  • Locked Off

    People still try to make out that grime is based in three highrise blocks in Bow, when in reality other parts of London, particularly north, are home to a lot of the more productive MCs such as Chipmunk, Skepta, JME, Scorcher etc.

  • Vice Comics

    Yes, I'm Irish!

  • Fuck Confucius

    Most countries outside the English-speaking world have some sort of "father of rock" figure. Cui Jian is China's.