The Horse's Ass Issue

  • It Happened

    It was autumn of 2005 and I was 18 and unemployed. I lived in a sleepy little town called Whakatane (pronounced Fuck-a-tar-nay by most ignorant whiteys who can't pronounce Maori names correctly) in New Zealand.

  • The Great Firewall

    When I was lined up waiting to cross the Macao border into China for the first time, I was honestly scared.

  • Giant Cats

    The widespread denial of the existence of large cats—like panthers, leopards and lions and tigers—in the Australian bush, strangely defies the number of sightings by locals and budding cryptozoologists.

  • Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch!

    In Islamic Turkey, circumcision is much more than a surgical procedure.

  • Pig Ink

    Artist Wim Delvoye is into giving tattoos to pigs. (No point in trying to figure out a fancy way to say it, really. The guy tattoos pigs.)

  • The Follies Of Documentary Filmmaking

    Frederick Wiseman is probably the best documentary filmmaker there is. He's definitely the purest. But it's very likely you haven't heard of him yet, much less seen his films.