The Photo Issue 2008

  • Holiday in Slovenia

    These photos were all taken in forests in Slovenia.

  • Juliet By Valerie Phillips

    “I’ve known Juliet for a long time, though I don’t know her all that well. Every time I think of her, she just seems to appear. I’d like to take more photos of that.”

  • A Minor Place

    Simona is a photographer who lives and works in Rome.

  • Harry Benson

    Harry Benson has taken some of the most recognizable and iconic portraits of the 20th century.

  • New Pictures From Afghanistan

    Seven years ago we ran a series of photographs by Jason Florio documenting life in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan just before the 2001 US-led invasion.

  • Vice Fashion - Way Out West

    Photos by Aliya Naumoff and Nick ZinnerStyling by Anette Lamothe-Ramos

  • Night Buses

    "These were taken on the night buses around central London over a few nights in June. I don't think anybody takes the night bus out of anything but the utmost necessity, and I think these photos reflect that."

  • Five Photos by Ryan McGinley

  • Nobuyoshi Araki

    There lives in Japan a relentless monster who has released 450 photo books-and still continues to take photographs every day. His name is Nobuyoshi Araki.

  • Four Naked Women Who Are Not My Wife And One Naked Woman Who Is

    Jonathan is a photographer in New York City

  • Photos By Aaron Rose

    Aaron is an artist, photographer, musician, filmmaker, curator, editor, and generally creative human who mainly lives in Los Angeles.

  • Rennie Ellis: 1940 - 2003

    Without even a smidge of formal training, Rennie Ellis became the prime documentarian of Australian culture in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. He's like Australia's version of Stephen Shore, Larry Clark, and Nan Goldin all mushed up into one big, awesome...