The Syria Issue

  • I Went to Syria to Learn How to Be a Journalist

    Sunil Patel had never been published before he decided to go to Syria in August 2012 to become a war correspondent. It was a foolish idea for sure, and he almost died several times during his trip, but we still think his story was worth the risk.

  • Serious Syrian Memes

    Like the rest of the internet, the Syrian memeverse is messy, argumentative, and prone to stupidity and hyperbole.

  • Nothing Stops Syrian Basketball

    Coaching a youth sports team is a tough task as it is, but it gets much, much harder when the families of the players are dying in a civil war.

  • Records

    Everyone loves a good tan on a great chest. Pecs or boobs, it doesn’t matter—they both look better slightly exposed, glistening, and darkened.

  • Who Loves Ya, Bashar?

    In the Gardens of the Trocadéro in Paris, around 40 protestors with signs and whistles gathered around an enormous Syrian flag to show their support for the country’s president. In the photographs affixed to the signs, Bashar al-Assad wears a gray suit...

  • The Writing Is on the Wall

    Tarek Algorhani launched a human-rights internet project centered around tagging anti-regime graffiti throughout the streets of Syria. In mid-October I called him up to ask how the fight was going.

  • Road to Ruin

    The roots of the conflict in Syria stretch back centuries—namely to the battle between the Sunni Muslim majority and a mystical-Shia sect known as the Alawites. This timeline provides some context to the recent bloodletting and its supremely convoluted...

  • Welcome to the Syria Issue

    Today we are proud to present the first bits of The Syria Issue, an entire magazine dedicated to one of the oldest and most important cradles of civilization in the world that has been decimated by brutal internal strife for the past year and a half.

  • The VICE Guide to Syria

    We have put together this guide in an attempt to condense the facts gleaned from thousands of pages of reference books, biographies, religious texts, firsthand accounts, reports, and other information that have informed "The Syria Issue." We could’ve...

  • Employees of the Month

    Born and raised in Tennessee, Robert “Haji Memphis” King is a photographer and videographer who has documented almost every major conflict since the Bosnian War in the early 90s.