The Tidbits Issue

  • Hotel Life

    APOGEE MINI-METhis is the smallest high-end input channel I can travel with. It has the same components as the big studio I have at home, but it can fit in a suitcase. Look at the knobs on

  • Lesley Arfin's Tidbits

    Here are some of the volumes that I mine for "Dear Diary" material. These are all the best-looking ones. Most of the others are just marble notebooks with weird scrawlings on them that even I can't read.

  • A Million Little Gross Jars

    A dedicated reader in San Francisco keeps an assortment of gross jars in her house. Here they are...A few months ago I was keeping a huge, oozy garden slug in a jar along with a few daddy longlegs and some vegetation. One day I noticed the slug was...

  • I'm Busted

    In prison there are serious restrictions on prisoners' personal property. In the world, people tend to accumulate things as they get older, but in prison convicts are expected to live decades of their lives and not accumulate any belongings. Not that...

  • Vice Mail

    A SONG FOR ‘TASHAI just found this on the Natasha Lyonne message board on imdb and thought you might be interested since you had that Natasha “doll” in the Tidbits. The scary thing is

  • Bad Kids

    These first two items pretty much saved my life for a few years back in the day. One's a broken heavy-duty magnet and the other is a dollar bill with some tape on the very tip to stretch it out an extra foot. If you can't figure it out by now, you...

  • Vice Fashion - The Tidbits Issue

    Photos by Mark BarberStyling by Atip WananuruksJames Duncan: “This was bequeathed to me by St Kerrigan of Otara

  • Drum-drum

    Chris is the best drummer we know. He plays with people like Thurston Moore, Six Organs of Admittance, and Jandek, but he also goes much deeper than that with his combos Flaherty/Corsano and Vampire Belt.

  • Chris Nieratko's Tidbits

    I don’t even know what product this label is from. I just bought it because it reminded me of my friend Clyde’s sense of humor.

  • Electric Independence

    The top six Electric Independence things of 2005. Break it down...VITALICOK Cowboy</bOdd: I played this to death every day up until its April release. Since then I’ve

  • Vice Fashion - The Tidbits Issue

    Photos by Taz DarlingStyling by Aldene JohnsonVincent is the lead singer from Vincent Vincent & The Villains. They've got a

  • Seven Inches, Hardcore

    1. Against The Wall, Identify Me (Nemesis Records, 1989)2. Assuck, Necro Salvation (Rigid Records, 1989): All those bands in Tampa thought they were on some "real music" shit and looked at Assuck as something funny