The Turning Gay Issue

  • Sperm Sponges Vol. I

    Can someone tell me how contraceptive sponges work?

  • Boys In The Band

    Cut Copy are in New York recording their new album and assure us that the unlikely combination of an 80s boom-box, sleigh bells, a Commodore 64, a glockenspiel and a twelve string guitar is going to kill it. Tim Hoey sent us some pictures and even...

  • Crust Never Sleeps

    Tokyo’s Gallhammer are three hot teenage girls who look cute and play in a band. Big whup, right? Well how about the fact that they play fucked-up crusty punky black metal and are obsessed with Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and Amebix?

  • Records

    THROBBING GRISTLEPart Two: The Endless NotBack when Throbbing Gristle coined the term "industrial music" it didn't mean stupid mid-American sociopaths squeezing into tight fetish gear

  • Double Trouble

    Two weeks after forming the band Fabulous Diamonds Nisa Venerosa and Jarrod Zlatic played their first show. They were 19, barely friends and could barely play their instruments. In these DIY times that’s not an unusual story but the difference between...

  • Who's That Ass?

    Lily and Rebecca were shot by Ryan McGinley on one of the cross-country, all-nude photo-making trips he goes on every summer. Now you’ve seen their asses adorned with foxtails, but what’s inside their brains? Let’s find out! We know you care

  • Tidbits

    Fun shit from around the world.

  • Pinups

    What’s better than going over to someone’s house and looking at their stuff? Nothing. People’s stuff rules. And stuff that people put up on their bulletin boards, or “inspiration areas” if you will, super-extra-rules. We picked four of our favorite...

  • So, Ahab, Can I Bum My Doobage?

    For tween girls in the 80s, there were two pivotal books you had to read: Forever by Judy Blume and Go Ask Alice by Anonymous (ooh, anonymous! You just knew it was going to be good). Forever taught you about sex--mostly that it is normal for...

  • Smoked Out

    At any given moment, there are approximately 1.1 billion people around the world (that’s one sixth of the population) sucking back an estimated total of 6 million tonnes of tobacco a year.

  • Glossin'

    Minus the bamboo earrings, Lil Mama is the around-the-way girl LL always dreamed of. This 16-year-old shorty woke up one morning, skipped class, and wrote a rap about her lip gloss. The result is a massive hit packed with references to high school...

  • Blues & Roots

    Buffalo were the quintessential Aussie rock band in the 70s. They busted their balls around the country for years playing school socials, RSLs and their own parties—basically anywhere they could find long haired dudes sticking their heads in the bass...