This Week in Racism

  • Forever 21 Wants to Sell Hip-Hop T-Shirts to White Kids

    Selling shirts with famous black faces on it to white people isn't about destroying or cruelly appropriating black culture, it's just about making money.

  • Miss America Is Not White, and Everyone Is Mad

    In a surprise to no one, including new Miss America Nina Davuluri, racists and xenophobes are up in arms that the venerable beauty pageant chose a non-white winner. For anyone with a bone to pick with those of the browner persuasion, Davuluri's victory...

  • A Red Lobster Waitress Got a Racial Slur Instead of a Tip

    It's bad enough when a waitress puts in the time and effort to refill a customer's diet soda, complies with the incessant demand for "more Cheddar Bay Biscuits," and gets stiffed on gratuity, but it's even worse when said waitress is insulted for being...

  • Apparently if You Make a "Ghetto Tracker" App, People Will Get Really Angry

    Someone decided that making an app designed to help rich (presumably white) people avoid poor (presumably black and brown) neighborhoods was a good idea. Turns out that it isn't.

  • Miley Cyrus Twerking at the VMAs Was MLK's Real Dream

    Fifty years after Martin Luther King Jr. marched on Washington to tell the world about his dream, one brave young woman took the stage in Brooklyn to show us all not only how toned her butt is, but also how different America is from the Civil Rights...

  • "Paula Deen" Is Going to Kill "Trayvon Martin" on TV

    Worlds collide when Law & Order: SVU brings the world's most famous racist chef and the world's most famous dead black kid together for what is guaranteed to be the least tasteful episode of television since the last episode of Extreme Cougar...