• Martin Skauen Prefers Dogs To Humans

    Vice: Hello, you Norwegian artist you. I command thee to describe your drawings without using the word “amazing.” Ready? Go!

  • Matteo Gualandris’s Cat Just Died, So Please Be Nice To Him

    He's an illustrator who draws mountains and monsters.

  • Penis Panic!!!

    In 2003, the Middle Eastern Research Institute reported on a new craze sweeping the Sudan.

  • How To Count Cute!

    Chinese girls do this thing called "cute counting." Actually it's called "da tou tie de ke ai zhi shi," which can roughly be translated as "cute faces for big-head photo stickers."

  • Skulls And Bones in Sierra Leone

    I'm bending over an open grave in Sierra Leone and trying not to fall in. A boy stands next to me. He's a member of a crew of kids who call themselves Skull and Bones.

  • Larps Of The Near Future

    Everybody knows that Live Action Role Playing is the funnest way to turn your pointless existence into a thrill ride of unbounded possibilities and constant adventure, right?