Tony Abbott

  • Projecting Abbott's Eastbound Offensive Offensive

    Having pissed of Malaysia, Indonesia, and East Timor (in that order) foreign relations under Abbott has finally found some direction: east.

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Petitioned

    Almost 20,000 people have signed a petition to oust the Australian Prime Minister. Not that that actually means anything.

  • Thoughts on a Fire-Fighting Tony Abbott

    During last week’s catastrophic NSW bushfires, Greens leader Adam Bandt reminded us of the very real human cost of worldwide Climate Change. Tony Abbott literally put out fires. Which politician was more guilty of politicising a tragedy?

  • What Tony Abbott and Stephen Harper can Learn From Each Other

    Besides loving church and hating science, the Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada have a lot in common—including awkward expense scandals.

  • The Vice Guide to Voting in the 2013 Australian Election

    Based on that time-honoured Australian tradition of self-interest, VICE has compiled this handy how-to-vote card so you know you're doing what's best for the most important person in the world – you!

  • A Navy Guy's Guide to the 2013 Election

    As a bloke in the Navy assigned to Operation Resolute, my day job entails picking up suspected asylum seekers as they drift into Australian waters. Given that makes me a future employee of whatever party wins this Saturday, I thought I’d share some of...

  • Here Comes a Victory of Shit

    A vote for Tony Abbott is a vote you will never quite wash your hands of.

  • Abbott vs. Rudd: Some Americans Decide

    Australians get excited about US elections. But does this principal apply in reverse? Do Americans get excited about Australian elections? Of course they do. So who would they vote for?

  • Australia, Is Tony Abbott The Better Choice?

    Abbott and Rudd call themselves leaders but you have no idea what you’re getting. As a young, brown, broke, inner city dude, the pundits say I’m inclined towards Rudd and Labor but this recent PNG hop over to the far right muddled up what was already...