• Greece's New Anarchist Generation Is Being Tortured by Police

    A group of eight people armed with AK-47s attempted to rob a bank and a post office in the Greek town of Velventos. Although bank-robbing anarchists armed with AK-47s might not seem like individuals deserving of pity, the police tortured them so badly...

  • America's Rules for Drone-Killing Americans Is More Torturous Than America Imagined

    Before his CIA pick John Brennan gets grilled in Congress, Obama's own "torture memos" on targeted killings—and a new set of intel on Bush's torture program—shed some harsh light on how America secretly conducts war.

  • Strange Things Are Happening at Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Trial

    If the trial had happened in federal court in New York City, like the Obama administration originally wanted, it’s unlikely that the surreal shenanigans of justice that went down this week at the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s pre-trial hearings in...

  • 'Zero Dark Thirty': Interrogating Reality

    The "problem" with "Zero Dark Thirty"'s portrayal of torture isn't the portrayal itself, but what it represents. Even though waterboarding is now prohibited, that hasn't diminished its value for some in government. To assume torture is a thing of the...

  • The Torture of Bradley Manning

    If there’s a bad time to discuss holiday shopping, it’s while waiting for someone to describe being tortured. I was soaking wet and still half asleep when our driver turned to the back seat of the press shuttle and said something so totally irrelevant...

  • Syrian Slaughter Update - Week Nine

    Is Syria the new Bosnia?

  • We Interviewed the Flute of Shame About the Flute of Shame

    This Finnish trio took their name from a medieval torture device used to punish bad musicians.

  • Syrian Slaughter Update - Week Six

    The revolution is one year old, but it's not eating its birthday cake just yet.

  • The Guatemalan Lady Killers

    While Mexico fights a war against the drug cartels that control much of its northern border, a lesser-known struggle is talking place in Guatemala, its neighbor to the south.

  • Full Metal Torture

    Over the recent New Year's holidays, Private Andrei Sychyov's superiors tied him to a chair and beat him continuously for hours and hours, taking breaks only to sustain their drinking binge.

  • Bleeding Ears

    Listening to one song over and over for a prolonged period of time—especially music that's intentionally harmful and not from someone's culture—is a form of inflicting pain.

  • Diesel Therapy

    Transit, better known as "diesel therapy" to the feds, is maybe the worst part of being incarcerated.