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    This game expertly preys on the fantasies of all devoted gamers. No, we don’t specifically want to be black-ops guys with ninja clothes and guns from the future and shit.

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    I’ve just spent the past three days kneeling on my bed, staring at the screen, and frantically banging my head as I “shredded” my way through such venerable hits as “Higher Ground” (Chili Peps version, natch), “Iron Man,” “I Wanna Be Sedated,” and...

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    If you want to know right off the bat whether or not I recommend this game, the answer is yes, OK? God. I have a few reservations, but go ahead and buy the fucker now.

  • The Real Deal

    Skateboarding is rapidly becoming a living, breathing Xbox game. Elbow- and kneepads and a helmet covered in stickers from the energy drink that sponsors you? Way cool!

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    I’m white, half-British, half-Italian. As I write this I’m wearing regular-fit jeans and listening to Lungfish. Perhaps that’s why I don’t get this game.

  • It's Every Video Game in the World

    Genes didn't fucking get us here. Shit, monkeys have genes. It's memes: the ability to tell the next generation what just happened-that's what put us on the map. If a monkey wasn't there, it didn't happen.