• Το Χαρτί της Παρθενιάς

    Η Karley επιχειρεί να επανέλθει σε μια νοερή κατάσταση παρθενίας.

  • Sacrificing Virgins

    Back in the day, if you wanted God to bless your crops and make them grow high to the heavens, you prayed for rain. If that didn't work, you built a temple or maybe slaughtered a goat. And if that didn't work, well, then you just hacked up the nearest...

  • The Strange Tale of the $780,000 Vagina

    The loss of a girl's innocence is usually a process that involves a few hard lemonades, a five-minute fumble in the back of a three-door hatchback, and a mess of virginity splurged all over the back seat with not a penny spent. Last week, however, a 2...

  • Lolo Jones Might Be a Virgin Forever

    All of her potential suitors are jackoffs.

  • Hot Dog and the Lady Bun - How to Stay a Virgin

    Tell him you’ll make him a pumpkin loaf that is even better than sex! Then let him fuck a pumpkin loaf.

  • Grab It and Go Boom

    You think being a female rapper in 2002 is tough? What about being a prim sixteen-year-old semi-nymphet from Miami with one of the raunchiest hits the 80s ever had?