Volume 11 Τεύχος 1

  • I Want My Dvds

    If anyone deserves the obsessive DVD treatment, it is Can, the ultimate German far-out fucking real deals.

  • Hollaaaaa!

    Yo, don't know if y'all niggas heard 'bout this but this white dude in Florida recently wrote this fucked-up fuckin' review of a hip-hop show, talkin' bout, talkin' bout, talkin' bout how fucked-up the show was and shit. Nigga didn't write it like a...

  • Skinema

    White hip-hop multitasker (MC, producer, video director, comedian, etc.) Necro has added another title to his résumé––porn director. And for a first-time porn director, he did okay.

  • Bumfights to Survive

    Hey, did you ever see Bumfights? It's fucking funny, man. They get all these bums to do funny shit for money and they get all gnarly and wasted and shit. One piece of human garbage even got "Bumfights" tattooed across his forehead. Ha ha. I love...

  • Itallion Stallion

    Anybody who knows me can tell you that I'm a tit man. Tits, tits, tits, I love tits. All kinds of tits.

  • Tidbits

    Thanks to some dickweed named Allah and all his gay friends, you don't get cutlery on planes anymore. Now you just get some shitty turkey wrap that you have to eat with your hands.

  • No War for Heavy Metal!

    Most people in Baghdad don't leave their houses at night. They don't rent movies. They don't go to bars. Mostly, they sit huddled in dingy shacks and wait and watch and hope that the occupying army will lift its curfew.

  • Vice Fashion - Christian Gothic

    Did you know that there's an entire scene of goth Christian kids? They have nightclubs and bands and websites, and their parents fucking hate them.

  • Dear Diary

    Just got back from Fugazi. Saw Cliff. Saw John. Saw Tyler. Talked to Bobby a lot. Saw Antonio. Antonio… his name just rolls off my tongue like Italian ices in 90-degree heat.

  • Black Power

    The Real Heat are three black teen/early 20s singer sisters from Brixton who swear they write and produce all their own music. I dunno, people are saying that Richard X and Mark Moore from S'Express have got something to do with them.

  • Vice Pictures

    Photos by Mirabelle Marden

  • Muscle Mania

    Bodybuilding isn't about health or fitness. Bodybuilding is about what you look like, not your well-being or happiness. It's really hard on your kidneys from all the protein you have to eat.