Volume 11 Τεύχος 2

  • Beats and Rhymes

    I think Dante Ross should get an award for being one of the best rap A&R guys of all time.

  • Bored of War

    All we know about Israel is that we don't know nothing. Sure, Ariel Sharon is a fucking maniac and his new gigantic-fence idea is totally insane, but everyone knows that.

  • Yellow Fever

    Extreme music from China.

  • The VICE Guide to Canada

    That's right America. Canada is not cool. It's bigger than you, correct. It's home to great things like poutine (fries, cheese curds, gravy, repeat).

  • Tidbits

    New American parents are the worst. They pack a Zip-Loc bag of washed grapes everywhere they go.

  • Electric Independence

    Gathering artists from Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, England, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, France, Japan, Canada, and the States, Compost's double CD Ennio Morricone Remixes Volume 2 is chockablock with reworkings of the...

  • Friendly Skies

    I'm a culture junkie and I need a variety of RESOURCES at my disposal at all times. If I somehow forget to buy my Cigar Aficionado at the airport, I'm on a six-hour flight with nothing but my head up my ass.

  • Skinema

    Have you ever flown first class? That shit is awesome. I just did it the other day for the first time, and I'll tell you what, I never want to go back to sitting with the peasants again.

  • Literary

    This underground comic quarterly just won the Best Fanzine Award at France's Angouleme Festival.

  • Let's Go Pakistan!

    From the American perspective, Pakistan isn't far from joining the so-called axis of evil.

  • Garageland

    British people who work in the media will tell you things like "The UK underground is dead," but that's because they get all their articles and ideas by googling their lives away on friendster.com and gayclub.org.

  • Dear Diary

    Hi! At Hebrew Marcie told me she was going to Florida for Christmas vacation. She asked her mom if I could go with them.