Volume 11 Τεύχος 4

  • The VICE Guide to Friendship

    Want to know about all the different kinds of friends? Welcome to the Friendship Forest. It can be a treacherous place, but its rewards are warmth, hugs, understanding, and chuckles. The ultimate goal is finding your BFF, but you'll really have to do...

  • Electric Independence

    My friend Greg is getting married and it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

  • I Want My Dvds

    I know a lot of people hate Dirty Sanchez but I can't help but watch it.

  • Yay! Yogis Can Fly!

    I am a firm believer in Transcendental Meditation (TM) as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

  • Skinema

    As clever as I feel standing on my coffee table naked and videotaping myself practicing stand-up comedy after a bunch of coke and ten cups of coffee, I realize my wit is sophomoric each and every time I see a clever porn title such as this.

  • Tidbits

    New game alert! The funnest new game in town is called "sending a disposable camera to someone you know or kind of love and having them mail it back to you."

  • Cute Attack!

    Chinchillas are widely recognized as the cutest animals in existence. They have big, fluffy ears and are so soft it makes your palm tingle to touch them.

  • Huggy Barr

    BARR is this kid Brendan Fowler from Baltimore via New York, but he lives in Los Angeles, which is where he belongs.

  • Hugging In The Closet

    Did you know that in Hollywood, men sometimes hug and kiss other men? I