Volume 11 Τεύχος 7

  • 100 Extra Dos & Don'ts

    Had enough? No? OK, let's get The Onion's Amie Barrodale to pump out 100 more.

  • Skinema

    OK, what the fuck? This video was shot in Amsterdam. Is that even in Europe? If so, since when? I went to Amsterdam once. Once.

  • Grimewatch

    Question: What are all the major labels doing wasting our time with Shystie? Did you see her on the cover of the Telegraph?

  • Dos & Don'ts Greatest Hits

    Dude is just chilling. He's unflappable. You could be like, "Humpty, what if nobody shows up to our party?" and he'd be all, "Don't worry about it, doood."

  • Electric Independence

    So Sónar was fun this year. Well it always is, in Barcelona. The more times you go, the more people you meet, the more you socialise and the fewer bands and DJs and installations and films and Final Scratch demonstrations you investigate.

  • Holy Fuck!

    When he was 29, Jesus wrote The Bible because he knew it would get him laid. Guess what--it worked.