Volume 11 Τεύχος 8

  • Old School

    Mannekin Piss is a lesson to all the poor confused hardcore bands who run out of inspiration after two EPs.

  • Hear Me Now!

    For those of us who still have the biggest crush on Patra, it's time to move on. Jamaica's got a new rudegal sex goddess.

  • Institutionalized

    I was sentenced to a mandatory-minimum 25-year sentence in federal prison when I was 22 years old. I've been in here for nine years now, and I've spent every day trying to improve, rehabilitate, and educate myself. I figured the best way to go about it...

  • Mucking About

    What the fuck do you do all day at school? I mean, A Levels and GCSEs are getting easier every year and no one fails them any more.

  • Games

    Eidos have tried to tackle the topic of the Vietnam War in video game format. This is no small task, and the list of failed films, books and music can attest to this.

  • I Want My Dvds

    At first glance this appears to be another piece of Bumfights bullshit.