Volume 12 Τεύχος 3

  • Bloc Party Hate VICE

    "I'm not comfortable doing this because it doesn't matter what I say. If it's in VICE people will just think I'm being ironic."

  • Up Above It

    I feel completely reenergized lately. That's partly aided by finding out that my best friend and manager of 15 years had taken all my money.

  • The Currency Of Pop

    So the new iPod can store 10,000 songs. Does anybody really have 10,000 favourite songs?

  • VICE Pictures - In Tribute

    Bands posing as other bands.

  • Gross Jar

    If there were ever any concerns about God's feelings toward the Gross Jar and its mix-n-match approach to his wonderverse, they were allayed this morning when he delivered unto the office toilet a ringing endorsement in the form of a floating black rat.

  • Hola! Que Paso?

    My band's first public performance was at an eighth-grade graduation party opening for Black Flag in 1978.